Amazon Merchant Web Services

Amazon is well known as one of the largest online retailers in the world. Amazon also functions as a fully independent sales channel for other vendors through their online marketplace which they make available via their Selling Partner API (AP-API) and their legacy Merchant Web Services (MWS).



Amazon MWS
Amazon Selling Partner API (SP-API)
Multichannel Sales
Amazon MWS


As a hybrid traditional physical retailer and online sales company, our client was looking at additional avenues for growing their existing product sales. They concluded that a presence on the online retailer, should be able to provide an additional channel for capturing new sales.


XCENT implemented changes to an existing merchandising system which allowed the clients’ sales team to easily utilize existing assets from their current eCommerce solution and build a completely automated interface to Amazon MWS. Minimal additional steps quickly allow the client to merchandise product on both their own eCommerce system and on Amazon’s online marketplace simultaneously. Once merchandising for the products are complete, the product information is fed to the Merchant Web Services automatically and becomes available for sale on the Amazon site within moments of being published.