Our hallmark page is for providing attribution to the people, tools and other resources provided to or by the developement community. Weather big or small, all of these help the development community in countless ways. In the way the old axiom "a rising tide lifts all boats", these all help contribute to making the web developement community better. Back when the first web browsers and web servers became available, the tools to build web sites and applications were nearly non-existant. Our first projects were back in this timeframe and it was a slow, and sometime torturous process to get anything of appreciable size done. Modern development tools and the resources listed below has changed that drastically and made the web better, not just for developers, but for all who use it.

General libraries and tools
Item Description
Visual Studio Visual Studio has not just become a giant multi-function tool for developers. It has raised the standard for what a modern development environment should be.
jQuery While it used to be a critically essential tool, and at times still is, the fact is that it made developing web content with proper support for multiple browsers something achievable for developers of any skill level, far better and longer than anything else we have used.
Bootstrap A CSS framework designed for making sites more responsive, and improve the layout of content.
FontAwesome A huge library of professionally designed icons make it simple for developers to create good looking buttons, navigation, etc. in their apps.
Json.NET Newtonsoft has the most popular JSON framework for .NET, because it is fast, powerful and constantly improved.
Specific resources
Item Description
Pixabay Pixabay is a vibrant community of creatives, sharing copyright free images, videos and music.
  Image by Ingrid
  Image by Anja
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  Image by Oleg Gamulinskiy