Kitting Compliance

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InnoPrint Kitting Compliance


One of Innovative's operations involves kitting, which is the process of assembling various items, usually printed documents into a single kit. This single kit would then be part of a mass mailing for a marketing or similar campaign or as part of an information kit.

Innovative's challenge arose when one of their clients indicated the need for a higher level of compliance in the assembly of their kits. This client was a healthcare provider who engaged Innovative to prepare the yearly health insurance information kits. This process is under the watchful eye of government and industry regulation to assure proper assembly.


XCENT was chosen as part of our partnership with iPSI,Inc. to develop a solution to address compliance issues.

With the introduction to bar codes on every piece inserted into the kit, along with a new workflow, XCENT was able to build a system that delivered on affirming compliance and providing statistics to the operation.

XCENT built a web application as a front end to allow process owners to manage the various types of kits that needed to be assembled, along with the job information that defined the recipient of each kit.

XCENT built a desktop application that serviced up to 10 networked scanners at a work-pod and presented status information for that work pod on a near-by flat-screen. The application featured:

  • real-time interface with 10 networked bar code scanners
  • on-screen and scanner led and sound feedback when there was a problem with the piece being scanned: duplicate, wrong piece, wrong order, etc.
  • job tracking which showed progress toward completion of each batch for a given kit.


With XCENT's efforts, Innovative was able to provide the compliance required by the customer without any decrease in assembly performance, and in the process gained valuable metrics on the process itself.